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Snag Jam


- Luscious hand smoked tomatoes are enlivened with spices.
- Enjoy with any grilled meat and don't hold a sausage sizzle without it!
- Bring your family & friends together and take your next meal from great to amazing.

Sausages Will Never Be The Same With This Smokey Tomato Delight.

As the tray of steaming hot sausages is set down on the table, you and your friends dig in.

You grab two sausages- beef and pork, and quickly spoon some Snag Jam on them before taking a first bite.

The beautiful bright red colour and woodfire aroma of the naturally-smoked tomatoes tantalise the senses.


Your mouth is immediately flooded with the rich taste of tomatoes ? Fresh ginger and garlic tantalize your taste buds and you lick your fingers in delight.

You never imagined simple snags could taste so good.

Our Snag Jam is a truly Aussie special treat. Created by our chefs to enjoy with any barbecue or grilled meat. Don?t hold a sausage sizzle without it!

Glass jar 200g net

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