The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Lamb Jam

- Apple, mint, rosemary & other spices create the perfect partner with lamb.
- Tastes equally delicious on pork, halloumi cheese, or as a glaze on carrots & root vegetables.
- Bring your family & friends together and take your next meal from great to amazing.

Our Original Savoury Apple and Mint Jam For Lamb Dishes.

You sit back at the Sunday roast and take it all in.

The family chattering away noisily. The aroma of oven-baked potatoes fills the air. The tender spring lamb sits carved on a tray in the centre of the table.

You choose three slices, and gently spoon the Lamb Jam onto them.

The beautiful aromas of fresh mint and sharp cider vinegar fill the air. You notice the specks of real rosemary.

And as you bite into the soft meat melts in your mouth, a delicious explosion of apple and lemon flavours from the Lamb Jam envelopes your tastebuds.

The perfect Sunday afternoon!

Lamb Jam is our original savoury Jam.

It is the perfect accompaniment for all types of lamb. Whether it is roast dinner with your family, a tasty lamb chop after a hard day’s work, or a sandwich at lunch.

Lamb will never be the same again!

Glass jar 200g net