The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Hot Jam


- Deliciously combines the fresh taste of chilli with mellow caramelised onion.
- Enjoy chilli? Then you'll love this jam. Add to any food that needs that something extra
- Bring your family & friends together and take your next meal from great to amazing.

Add a Kick To Your Meals With This Spicy Delicacy.

Your friends are over for lunch, and burgers are on the menu - beef, lentil and chicken to suit all tastes

You spoon some Hot Jam on a beef patty and sandwich it between two pieces of chewy sourdough bread. The finely cut slices of onion and sweet capsicum remind you how every ingredient is fresh and delicious.

As you bite into your bun, you instantly taste the chilli, mustard seeds and capsicum. It’s not as hot as you expected - just enough to wake up the taste buds.

You’ve heard that Hot Jam can be addictive … now you know why.

Hot Jam goes on just about anything. Spoon it on beef, lentil burgers, sausages. You can even add it to rice and curry dishes for something a little different.

Glass jar 200g net