The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Find Your Happy Place
Being surrounded by nature feels good. But it can be difficult to find moments of escape from the hustle and bustle of city living to reconnect with nature. Our diffusers help you do exactly that, enhancing your mental and physical health by bringing the aromas and therapeutic benefits of essential oils into your home.

Purify The Air Around You
Air pollution is hard to escape: it’s all around us. Our diffusers also function as a humidifier, helping to improve your home’s air quality and protect your family from microscopic pollutants.

Lift Your Home Décor
Inspired by the mesmerising geometric shapes found in nature, our uniquely designed diffusers are a simply beautiful piece of home décor. Their portable, space saving size makes them easy to move from room to room, where you can plug them directly into the mains or into your laptop via their USB connector.

2 Whisper Quiet Misting Modes
Our ultrasonic diffusers produce a powerful but silent, soothing cool mist that can be set to normal with a 5+ hour run time or intermittent with a 12+ hour run time that diffuses mist and pauses every 5 seconds. The diffusers will automatically shut off once the water runs out, meaning you can go to sleep with the peace of mind that they won’t overheat. Super easy to fill and clean.

7 Soothing Lights
Cycle through our 7 colour lights or choose the one that best creates your desired mood and ambience. Perfect for meditation, when practicing yoga, or for using as a night light.