The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Fig & Fennel fruit paste:
Our Fig Paste is lightly infused with fennel to lift up the flavour profile of one of the all-time favourite cheese partners - fig. It's a wonderful accompaniment to goats cheese, delicate soft cheeses or washed rind cheeses.
Sunshine Coast fig farmer achieved zero farm gate food waste.
In January 2020 were able to partner with a small hobby grower on the Sunshine Coast and rescued all of their surplus and super ripe fruit on a weekly basis which meant they had zero farm gate food waste and we have fig fennel paste back in stock.

Pear & Pink Peppercorn paste:
With somewhat of a cult following, our Pear & Pink Pepper Paste is perfectly paired with strong flavoured cheeses like blue or washed rind. Pink pepper provides a smokey spice rather than heat, offsetting the sweetness provided by Stanthorpe grown pears.
Bumpy pears make a delicious fruit paste
Be it bumpy, lumpy, scratched, scarred, tiny or surplus - we love all pears and think they are way too delicious to end up in the bin. Farmer Mario from the Stanthorpe region as well as growers in other parts of Australia always end up with fresh pear that isn't quite perfect and that's when we step in and take those imperfect pears into our kitchen.

Plum & Chilli fruit paste:
Our Plum Chilli Paste is the perfect match for creamy cheeses like triple cream brie, and sharp and crumbly cheddars. Your tongue will first experience the deep sweetness of plums followed closely (and sneakily) by a little gentle heat.
Helping Aussie stone fruit farmers salvage a less-than-perfect plum harvest
Jam packed into every jar of our Plum Chilli Paste are bumpy, scratched, surplus or hail damaged plums from Australia's top stone fruit growing regions. Australian Plums are available between November and April, which also happens to be when Australia can get some wild weather.
Deliciously soft and tender to eat fresh, plums are unfortunately particularly susceptible to damage from storms - the Ugly Duck production kitchen is always ready to take possession of less-than-perfect plums for both our Plum Chilli Paste and Spiced Plum Spread.