The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Get organised and turn your dreams into plans with this Agenda from Ted Baker. Plan magnificent getaways, jot down notes-to-self, mark key dates and plan out your week with this Agenda featuring a beautiful gold cover reading 'What's your agenda?'. With a sticker sheet filled with letters, you can add your personal touch to the pages. Packaged with a 'Truly Gifted' Cirque du Ted band, this would be an ideal gift for any stationery lover.
Make your way into the Big Top as Ted's Greatest Show begins with the eclectic 'Truly Gifted' Cirque du Ted gifting collection. Featuring an art-deco vintage circus vibe, marvel at the tightrope-walking Jaguar wearing a large Ted bow, the vintage lady high diver with a flower cap and giraffes with feather plumes amid luxurious pink and cream accents, epitomising the height of good gifting.

Paper, Card