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Australian native "OLIDA" also called Forest Berry Herb, it has a passionfruit-like taste. (SML PKT)

Other Common Names: Strawberry Gum, Forest Berry Herb, Olida. Botanical Name: (Eucalyptus olida)

Description & Use: Native Australian plant. Olida has a wide variety of uses and these are often best achieved by thinking of it is a flavour enhancer rather than expecting it to come out and overtly flavour a dish with its own character. There are two basic guidelines worth remembering to achieve the best results with olida. One is to add only a small amount, say ? ? ? tsp to 500g of fruit or vegetables, then taste before adding more. The other is to only put olida in recipes that cook for a short time, never subjecting it to extreme temperatures for more than 10?15 minutes. Although olida?s own flavour will be diminished in a fruit jam, it will enhance its fruit and berry flavours.

Product of Australia.

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