The Magic Pudding Tamworth
SquireMe is made for the modern day dweller in any part of the world. Whether it's hiking up a mountain on the weekend or strolling through the city during the week, if you're on the move, SquireMe is there to brighten up your hydration needs with their unique soft-edged square shape and a variety of colours to suit any personality.

Handmade from lab-quality light weight borosilicate glass.
Has a soft and easy-to-grip silicone sleeve.
Made from FDA-approved materials, BPA-free and phthalate-free.
The glass makes it odourless, corrosion and mildew resistant.
Has a wide mouth for easy drinking, cleaning and refilling. Is also suitable for hot beverages!
Multi-use and environmentally friendly.

The Chromatic collection bottles have a uniquely shaped cap with a specifically angled handle that makes it feel comfortable to carry, almost like it was designed right around your hand.
500ml capacity
20cm tall, 7.2cm wide
280g weight when empty

Care Instructions:
Not shatter-proof. Please take care to not drop your SquireMe bottle just as you would take care not to drop your phone or laptop or any other fragile items!
Clean with warm soapy water, no need to remove the silicone sleeve.
Not microwave-safe
Not suitable for carbonated drinks.
Not intended for children.
Cap-off storage recommended