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Pork Jam


- Expertly blended pineapple and exotic Asian Spices.
- Perfect with pork, duck, chicken, prawns or grilled fish
- Bring your family & friends together and take your next meal from great to amazing.

Add A Tropical Tang To Your Pork.

As you slice the pork, the aroma of the soft sweet meat fills your home.

You add some Pork Jam and bite into it. Right away, your mouth is filled with a delicious rush of tropical flavours.

Sweet golden pineapple, juicy apple and fragrant asian spices unleash a tangy sensation that is both subtle and bold at the same time - wrapping everything up together in a delicious little package.

Pork Jam is perfect for every type of pork dishes - roasted on the bone, juicy grilled chops and even diced in a stir fry...

Pork Jam also tastes delicious with duck, chicken, prawns or grilled fish.

Glass jar 375g net

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