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Chipotle Jam


- Deliciously combines the smokey aroma and flavour of chipotle with undertones of capsicum and onion.
- Enjoy chilli? Then you'll love this jam. Add to any food that needs that something extra
- Bring your family & friends together and take your next meal from great to amazing.

Add a delicious Smoky Kick To Your Meals and delight your guests.

Imagine the aroma of juicy BBQ steaks and chicken fillets, they are set down on the table and you spoon some Chipotle & Onion Jam onto your plate.

The beautiful shine and aroma of finely cut slices of onion, capsicum and chipotle peppers remind you of the freshest ingredients and your senses become tantalised.

Your mouth is flooded with the juicy meat and the smooth sweet taste of the onion, peppers and spices.

You feel a nice kick at the back of your palate - not as hot as you expected - just enough to wake up the taste buds and you can tell the sauce has been slow cooked for maximum flavor.

Its an Amazing sensation and you understand why people are in love with these products.

There is laughter at the table.

Chipotle Jam goes on just about anything. Spoon it on beef, lentil burgers, sausages. Add it to tacos for a mexican sensation.

Glass jar 375g net

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