The Magic Pudding Tamworth
BARREL AGED BALSAMIC: Has the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. It is perfect for any salad or drizzle over strawberries.
How to enjoy this product
Dip with crusty bread and extra virgin olive oil or use a little to finish off a pasta sauce. Great to add to the final stages of a braise or try in desserts for a traditional italian touch.

CARAMELISED BALSAMIC: Deliciously thick and rich, our caramelised balsamic vinegar is perfect as a dressing with our extra virgin olive oils or dripped with crusty breads.
How to enjoy this product
This delicious rich and sweet vinegar is great over any dish. Try in salad dressing or over poached pears for desserts. Use in a marinade or drizzle over grilled lamb.

FIG: Sweet, rich and fruity this vinegar pleases anyone with a little sweet tooth. The fig adds a great depth of flavour that works with desserts, meat and salads.
How to enjoy this product
Try drizzling this sweet vinegar over roasted duck breast or over grilled veal. It works great as a glaze for pork or simply drizzle over your favourite salad. Delightful when drzzled over blue cheese and pears.

GUAVA: An exotic vinegar that add a tropical touch to any meal. Its sweet and tangy flavour is great over salads, seafood or with chicken or pork. This surprisingly versatile vinegar will liven up any dish.
How to enjoy this product
Dress summer salads with avocado and this sweet tropical vinegar. Try on freshly shucked oysters or to freshen up a rich pork curry. A great dressing for fresh fish or sashimi with a little lime juice and chopped coriander. Splash over a fruit salad for extra depth and flavour.

POMEGRANATE: Perfect with your favourite extra virgin olive oil in a dressing. This sweet, sour and tangy vinegar is great as a marinade or drizzled over your favourite dish
How to enjoy this product
Wonderful as a glaze for lamb or pork or duck. This tangy vinegar also pairs well with beetroot and eggplant. Try splashing over your favourite salad. Combines beautifully with our lemon olive oil and chopped rosemary over lamb as a marinade.

RED WINE: A thick, sweet and rich vinegar that is perfect with any dish. It is truly versatile and can be used over any salad, meat, fish, vegetables and desserts. The vinegar has been caramelised and will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.
How to enjoy this product
Great for glazing ham or over beef skewers. Use this vinegar in marinades, sauces and desserts. Try it over a side of warmed sauteed red cabbage or over a fennel and pear salad.

WHITE BALSAMIC: This truly artisan vinegar is unique in taste. Adding a complex and light flavour to your favourite salads. The depth of flavour is great for adding to sauces or braise or to deglaze a pan.
How to enjoy this product
Drizzle over fresh green salad leaves for an elegant side salad. Deglaze a pan after grilling chicken and pour over the dish for a wonderful light jus. Use to steam mussels or add to a risotto. Splash over grilled fish for a quick and healthy midweek meal.

WHITE WINE: This unique sweet and sharp vinegar makes a great dressing for a whole range of fresh tasting vinegars. Great for desserts or salads especially because it adds richness without staining the salad leaves, so great for packed lunches and picnics.
How to enjoy this product
Try this delicious vinegar with your favourite extra virgin olive oil as a great dressing for summer salads. Great over potato salads or mix with chopped herbs and coat fish fillets or chicken breast and pan-fry. Or simply drizzle over peaches and serve with ice-cream.