The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Do you find homemade drinks never quite live up to cocktail bar expectations? Chances are, the problem is lurking in your freezer. Ice does more than keep your drink cold. The rate of dilution directly affects the overall balance of ingredients, and if your ice was left uncovered in the freezer, it's adding unpleasant absorbed odours to your drinks. The Peak collection was designed to elevate everyday drinks, bringing speakeasy-quality ice to your home freezer.

Larger cubes melt slower, keeping your drink colder, longer. The provided lid blocks out pesky flavours from your freezer, while an internal steel frame makes filling and transporting the tray a breeze.
Makes: Four 2 1/4" cubes (approx 5.7cm)
Easy ice cube removal with a flexible silicone mold
Lid provides protection from freezer odors while making it possible to stay multiple ice trays together
Steel internal frame means easy transport and filling without messy spills
Materials: Silicone, Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free
Patent Pending