The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Experience the beautiful aromas and flavours of ancient Persia, right here in Australia, thanks to Pariya.

Pariya specialises in food and exquisite delicacies from the Middle East. Based in Sydney, they source the finest foods and the most unique treats direct from Iran, to bring Australian food-lovers something different for their table. With a focus on quality and flavour, Pariya is a world apart.

Add an elegant final touch to your sweet treats with Pariya's mouth-watering Pashmak. Otherwise known as Persian fairy floss, this exquisite treat is handmade using traditional methods and is perfect for decorating cakes and martini glasses, or can be eaten on its own!

Rose Pashmak Fairy Floss features:
Made in Australia.
Crafted from sugar, wheat flour, sesame oil, rose extract, natural food acid and natural colour.
Handcrafted using traditional methods.
Light and delicate strands that melt in the mouth.
Can be used for decorating or enjoyed on its own.
Preservative free.
Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
Keep in an airtight container after opening.
Presented in a resealable Pariya pack.
Please Note: Contains wheat flour and sesame seeds. May contain tree nuts and traces of dairy.