The Magic Pudding Tamworth
BEETROOT BALSAMIC DRIZZLE: Drizzle over your favourite chargrilled lamb and feta salad.
Marinate chunky pieces of onions then roast or simply stir through cream cheese for a dip
The perfect glaze

APPLE CIDER: With its golden amber glow and distinctive honeyed tang, our caramelised apple cider vinegar is delightful.
Pleasantly sweet yet zesty, it is ideal for marinades or glazes and is perfectly paired with chicken, pork, grilled seafood, steamed vegetables, salads and Mediterranean fruits.
Combine with our Morella Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the perfect vinaigrette.

CHERRY BALSAMIC DRIZZLE: Drizzle over your favourite pork, chicken or duck dish. A delicious salad dressing or the perfect addition to any dessert dish. Drizzle over your favourite ice cream