The Magic Pudding Tamworth
BRANDY SALTED CARAMEL: Wickedly smooth, perfect for puddings and gifts! This product is part of our Christmas line and available October-January.

CHILLI SALTED CARAMEL: The most awesomely smooth chilli kick. Whilst this bad boy can still be used as a sweet sauce it also goes well on pork belly, chicken or an addition to a cheese platter!

VEGAN COCONUT SALTED CARAMEL: Just because you've got dietary requirements doesn't mean you need to miss out on all the fun. This delicious coconut flavour is dairy free, made from coconut cream and coconut oil. It's like a summer holiday packaged up in a jar!

GINGERBREAD SALTED CARAMEL: Tastes like gooey gingerbread, best eaten with a spoon.
One of our best sellers!

MINT SALTED CARAMEL: The perfect "after dinner" treat; smooth salted caramel with a fresh mint burst. Actually, its delectable at any time of day! (Misty's favourite)

ORIGINAL SALTED CARAMEL: The original and the best, this is where it all started. Rich and gooey...you can taste the love.

PEANUT SALTED CARAMEL: This has been described as snickers in a jar. Enough said! (Contains peanuts)

Shelf Life: 24 months, refrigerate once open