The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Inspired by Atolla jellyfish, these hotties make every day feel like a beach holiday. Metallic silver, mermaid glitter and sea green go swimmingly together. Add a pop of coral pink for an underwater fantasy effect. Just like us, Atolla jellyfish like to show off their fabulous style. Otherwise known as ?alarm jellies?, they attract attention from other sea creatures by emitting bright flashes of light. Our Atollas command the spotlight too, with striking colours, interesting shapes and iridescent details. Swoon! Your friends and colleagues are sure to be jelly when you step out in these stunners!

Length: 90 mm
Width: 40 mm at the widest part

Hand painted Pi?atex?, hand painted cork leather, glitter fabric, hand painted abstract designs on hand cut polymer clay shapes.

Pi?atex is a beautiful vegan friendly, natural, sustainably produced textile that was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to mass produced leather. The hand cut Pi?atex? components have a pastel pink painted back.

*Please note* - As these earrings are made by hand, there may be some slight variations in the colours and shapes to the pair pictured.

At only 5g each, these earrings are ultra-lightweight, use stirling silver ear wires and are comfortable to wear. They can easily be worn all day.