The Magic Pudding Tamworth
CARAMELISED ONION + FRESH THYME: A beautiful, well balanced flavour combination of tomatoes, onions & fresh thyme. The onions are slow cooked by Chef Luca Ciano till caramelised to provide the sauce with an additional sweetness to balance the tomato acidity, and fresh thyme is added to create a marriage made in heaven. Perfect for any pasta dish and also with its delicate flavour profile is especially suited to seafood dishes.

CREAMY TOMATO + SMOKED PAPRIKA: A very tasty and well balanced flavour combination of tomatoes, fresh cream and smoked paprika. This simple, yet unique recipe is Chef Luca's more sophisticated approach to his Mum's classic 'sugo al pomodoro e panna' which translate into sauce with tomato and cream'.
The smoke paprika elevates the flavour profile from simple, to a more sophisticated and unique flavour profile, creating an 'all rounder'. Perfect for any pasta dish and also with seafood and meat dishes.

FRESH BASIL SUGO: The 'mamma' of all sauces, beautiful and natural balanced flavour made from 100% ripe, juicy, sweet Italian tomatoes and the best of Italian herbs, basil. Cooked and seasoned to perfection by Chef Luca Ciano. It's the best sauce to use as a base to create recipes such as a classic Bolognese or seafood pasta or on pizza. To use, bring to a simmer and toss with your favourite pasta shape. The gentle and balanced taste suits all cooking styles and occasions.

MARINARA: This is Luca's tribute to all seafood lovers. Only the best ripest tomatoes are chosen to create this delicate sauce. A few key ingredients are added to create the perfect balance for any seafood pasta dish or seafood dishes.
Chef Luca Ciano Marinara is created to suit all seafood cooking styles and occasions.

PUMPKIN & AMARETTI: This unique combination is Chef Luca Ciano's take on the famous Italian Pumpkin ravioli. The filling is turned into a flavoursome pasta sauce combo. The sweetness of the pumpkin matches perfectly with the subtle, nutty flavour of the Amaretti. Italian Grana Padano cheese is then added. Created and developed to suit any pasta dish, especially for vegetarian creations, can also to be used for risotto by simply adding the saucemid-way through the rice cooking process.

ROCKET, CHILLI & CELERY SUGO: Luca Ciano's southern inspired 'CRUDAIOLA' from the region of Puglia, where ripe, juicy tomatoes are mixed with crunchy celery for texture, chilli for heat and fresh rocket for freshness and a touch of bitterness to contrast the sweetness of the tomato.
Add grated 'salted ricotta' or your favourite cheese to complete the Opera; a uniquely balanced match perfect for pasta salads and bruschetta.

100% Natural
Preservative Free
No Added Sugar
Gluten Free