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LaLaque Cashmere Scarves
Wool for our Cashmere Scarves is sourced high in the Himalayas and
the scarves are made near Kathmandu, the capital of the mountain
kingdom of Nepal. The inner fur of the animals is used hence the
scarves are light but will keep the wearer warm at very low
temperatures. These scarves will last the wearer 20 years if cared
for correctly.
Our Cashmere Scarves come in a range of Classic Neutral Colours ,
a range of soft Autumn /Winter pastels and a few selected bolder
colours . The Classic Neutral colours are not dyed and colours vary
slightly over time as the wool on the animals changes seasonally,
while the pastels and bold colours are dyed to specification.
Our Cashmere Scarves weigh approximately 120 grams. The finer,
lighter and softer the scarf ? the higher the quality cashmere. They
measure 70 x 200 cms. and can be warm hand washed as per all
wools. The Dry Clean only label is a protection for both us and
yourself to ensure they are cared for correctly. The finest quality
Cashmere Scarves are called Ring scarves and an entire scarf will
pull through a wedding ring. These are often used as part of a bride's
Our scarves are hand woven by the people of a small village and no
Trading Companies , middlemen or child labour are involved in their

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