The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Our french style, classic market bag is your perfect companion for weekend getaways, picnic essentials, or best of all to transport fresh groceries from the market to home.

This french style market bag is made with function in mind, crafted with woven, breathable straw, and choice leather straps that can easily changed from tote to shoulder bag for flexible use.

Fair-trade market baskets
Handmade in Morocco.
Our baskets are handwoven by farmers in Morocco using fallen palm fronds. It provides income during the winter when there are no crops. As such, each basket is unique.
Made from Natural Materials (Woven Palm Leaves & leather straps).
Sturdy leather handles are from goat, cow or camel - also a sustainable by-product.
Securely hand stitched with strong waxed thread.

Care notes:
If properly cared for, your basket will serve you for a long time. You may clean it with warm, soapy water. Allow the bag to dry in between uses by carefully hanging it up or leave it in the sun to dry.

The leather handles may be cleaned with a leather soap but leather improves when well worn over time.

If your basket arrives needing a little re-shaping, simply wet it and gently pat it back into shape and allow to dry thoroughly.

Basket average 50cm wide x 30cm high