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The IOco Eco Friendly Travel Cutlery Wrap by Dani Till range are a stylish eco-friendly alternative to anything plastic! No need for ONE USE takeaway plastic cutlery when you can carry your very own set in the bottom of your bag. Perfect for use in the office, food courts in shopping malls, picnics, events or anywhere you would usually use one use plastic cutlery.

IOco Reusable Travel Cutlery sets have everything you could need when you're out and about in one easy to use natural cotton wrap. Once used, simply place the cutlery into your dishwasher so it is ready to be re-used the next day.

IOco Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set (Set of 6) includes:
Cotton Wrap Case - 20.5 cm
Knife - 18 cm
Fork - 17.5 cm
Spoon - 17.5 cm
Chopsticks - 18.5 cm
Straw - 18 cm
Straw Cleaner - 19 cm

Cutlery - dishwasher Safe

Natural Cotton wrap - handwash

We are proud to present our NEW Australiana collaboration with Victorian artist - Dani Till
Dani Till is an Australian award winning Gippsland artist who is passionate about Australian flora and fauna and loves to bring them to life with watercolours.

Sadly the hummingbirds are not a group of birds that ever reached Australia. They are restricted to what is known as the 'New World' which encompasses the Americas and surrounding islands and countries. Not an Australian native, but we could not pass it up and included the Humingbird in the range!