The Magic Pudding Tamworth
ASIAN DRESSING: Delicious refreshing dressing with classic Asian flavours, perfect for your salads and perfect on fish!

CHILLI CARAMEL: Delicious sweet and savory caramel, perfect on gamy meats, it is the most amazingly delicate condiment to have in your home and leaving you hooked!

MINT & CORIANDER: Mint and Coriander Dressing has a Deliciously tantalizing taste on your taste buds, Packed full of freshness with a sweet, salty and refreshing finish, extremely versatile and made with fresh locally sourced ingredients.

DENI'S SMOKEY BBQ: Taste the flavor of a Rural town with Deni's Smokey BBQ sauce you will not be disappointed! this Gluten free condiment is packed full of that smokey punch making it the perfect offering at any gathering! it was created by me when asked to make something that makes me think about our rural town of Deniliquin.

WHOLEGRAIN MUSTARD VINAIGRETTE: This scrumptious refreshing and bitey vinaigrette contains no oil that can often leave that residual feeling on your lips and mouth, it is Gluten free and packed with flavor, sweet and mustardy with that wonderful tang that will keep you wanting more!