The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Steep loose leaf teas with this stylish and minimalist Tea Infuser.

Stainless steel infuser for loose leaf teas
Heat & shock resistant borosilicate glass
Easy to clean

With it’s glass construction and stainless steel infuser, this Tea Infuser allows for a precise brew for that perfect cup of tea every time. The wide stainless steel infuser allows the tea leaves to fully expand, ensure that the true and full flavour of loose leaf teas comes through, for a rich and fragrant cup.

Featuring heat and shock resistant borosilicate glass and a easy open lid, the Tea Infuser is easy to clean and a great way addition to any kitchen.


Materials: Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, rubber
Glass is heat and shock resistant
Easy to clean
Infuser is stainless steel
Choose from 800ml and 1300ml sizes
Product Details:

Type: Tea Infuser
Box Contents: 800ml or 1300ml Tea Infuser (incl. Lid, infuser and glass teapot)
Care Instructions: Handwash

800ml (up to 5 cups): 15.5cm L x 12.5cm W x 17.5cm H
1300ml (up to 9 cups): 15.5cm L x 17.5cm W x 21cm H