BANGLADESH PRAWN: Medium Heat - A luxurious coconut and tomato curry sweetened with fresh pineapple. Works well with chicken or tofu.Bangladeshi food is spicy. The Curry Traders have added pineapple to this curry resulting in a layering of hot, sweet, sour and spicy. Our taste tantalizing blend of wonderful and fragrant spices works well with chicken also. This is a perfect dinner after a hot summers day. You will certainly impress your family and friends. MEDIUM

BEEF VINDALOO: This peppery curry is said to be the world?s hottest ? we have toned ours down just a little, for your enjoyment.

BOMBAY MASALA: A curry to tantalise, tingle then blaze your tastebuds.
Serves 6

BUTTER CHICKEN: Our Butter Chicken gourmet curry kits make it simple for you to cook an authentic and traditional Butter Chicken at home.

CHICKEN KORMA: This is a mild and creamy curry thickened with ground nuts. Best prepared the day before.

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA: Commonly known as Britain?s National Dish.

GOAN FISH CURRY: A hot and creamy coconut curry.

LAMB MADRAS: Our Award Winning curry.

MALAYSIAN RENDANG: The spicy and sweet aniseed flavours are absorbed by the meat during cooking. This curry tastes great especially if prepared the day before.

MASSAMAN: A delicious, rich curry brought to Thailand by Indian spice traders.
Now Curry traders have brought it to you.

ROGAN JOSH: An aromatic mild family curry, hailing from Kashmir.

SOUTH CEYLON MASALA: A typical ?Rice & Curry? found in all great southern Sri Lankan eateries, perfected by The Curry Traders.
A very quick & easy curry. This curry contains dried shellfish.