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Corkcicle Colour - the new and coolest wide-spectrum offering from Corkcicle. The soft drink or “pop” inspired vibrant colours bring a touch of fun and flair to the range – and a splash of colour to your dining table or outdoor setting. Funky, functional and fun – Corkcicle Colour is bound to be a talking point at your next BBQ or social gathering. Perfect for summer and the holiday season.

As with Corkcicle Classic, Corkcicle Colour maintains wines at the perfect temperature from the inside out by keeping chilled whites chilled and cooling down reds. Once you have opened your bottle of wine, pour your first glass, insert the frozen Corkcicle and your wine will stay at the perfect temperature for up to an hour. No need for messy ice buckets! Simply the most colourful way to enjoy perfectly chilled wine, every time.

No need for ice buckets which frequently make wine much too cold and cause condensation.
Corkcicle helps maintain optimal drinking temperatures for white and red wines.

Non-toxic and BPA-free.

Corkcicle Colour features removable caps which are interchangeable – allowing you to mix and match colours to create your own colour combinations when you buy multiple Corkcicle Colours.
These fun, colourful Corkcicles are available in the new summer colours of blue, green, orange and pink. Corkcicle. Lose the ice bucket.

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