The Magic Pudding Tamworth
I Know I Changed. That Was The Point.

We All evolve. Our experiences change who we are.

Where we were scared, we feel brave.

Where we were cautious, we seek risk.

Where we were spontaneous, we take pause.

And in a world where it seems most of us have some level of anxiety, when we change there will always be someone in our lives who is threatened by this. Who feel their own being is now unbalanced by our change.

We can offer reassurance, we can explain our change and our reasons. Ultimately it's the essence of the human spirit to evolve, to learn, to grow.

To move past stages and experiences.

To overcome past hurdles.

To consciously make choices about who we are and how we behave and what we will accept.

So when someone says to you “You've changed, you're not the same person I knew.”

That's about them, not you.

Yes. I know I’ve Changed, That Was The Point.