Hi team
Firstly thank you so much for having my shop featured on your wonderful program! It’s another amazing initiative that has helped me out so much over 2019. 
The Magic Pudding was an existing business I took over in October 2013. Now in my 7th year it has been transformed into something bright and happy with something for everyone. We sell a very diverse range of goods including food, gifts, clothing, accessories and homewares. 
Our gourmet food products you can’t find in the super market. Many of which are regional products handmade from our region. These include jam, marmalade, relish, chutney, breadsticks, lavosh, sweet biscuits, nuts, olives and more. We feature these in our hampers, some of which are specifically specialised for local products only. Mostly we listen to what our client would like and cater to them individually for their needs. 
Best selling food-
- local $50 hamper
- nsw producers $100 hamper
- Sam Bermel of Bingaras chunky orange marmalade
- Murrungundy Pistachios (from Elong Elong)
- New England Larder lemon butter
Our gift lines are also diverse including the very hard to shop for- men. We also cater to children’s gifts, wedding gifts, Mum, dad and grandma. We also sell regional jewellery, artists jewellery and many products not seen in the bigger stores. 
Best selling gift lines-
- gentleman’s hardware breakfast fry pan
- gentleman’s hardware shoe shining kit
- Corkcicle insulated water bottles and travel mugs
- children’s giftware in general
Our clothing lines are also not available in mainstream stores- very much boutique lines. Including children’s label Love Henry whose owner Chrystal Henry lives in Toobeah near Goondiwindi QLD.
Best selling clothing and accessories
- Love Henry children’s clothing
- handmadebyem earrings
- The Haven Co dresses
Everything in my shop is bright, unique and different to what you can find elsewhere. The bright colours and patterns seems to be a go to for me, as you walk into the magic pudding you can be overwhelmed by the rainbow of colours that confront you. Many people tell me I need a bigger shop but I’d fill it up the same way! 
I am from Narrabri only two hours away where family still live. We’ve been a farming family and in childhood would need to get our car serviced in Tamworth. This is where I discovered The Magic Pudding. It was always a destination when we went to TAMWORTH and I hope a destination for other families when they come to TAMWORTH now that I am the owner. 
My magical pudding journey started when I was made redundant from the finance industry whilst living in Quirindi only 45mins from TAMWORTH. My sister had moved to TAMWORTH when married and was just beginning her own family. needing a change I took 12 months off and worked random jobs such as babysitting, gardening and house sitting to pay the bills. I started to think about making hampers featuring local products until one day my gorgeous friend Sue who was working at The Magic Pudding at the time tang me and told me the business was up for sale. Only one month later I was the new owner. Realising the food that was on the shelf was selling well I expanded the food line and made a point to find exclusive and as local as possible. In 2017 I financially had the opportunity to take the business online. There we feature a lot of our best sellers and a little bit more.
It wasn’t until the #buyfromthebush campaign that things really went ‘viral’. The campaign featured one of our men’s gifts- the cigar box shoe shine kit. At the time we only had 2 in stock. I still laugh that this was what they featured. Over the coming weeks of November and December we sold 96. The second amazing thing was that we were listed as selling our regional products on #goregionalthischristmas- the nsw governments buy from the bush campaign. We sold so many regional products, including our hampers which we ended up having to take offline as we couldn’t keep up with demand. I think the reason they were so popular is that they not only supported my own small business but those businesses that were included in each hamper. My “jam lady” Sam in Bingara was still delivering jam the week before Christmas. 
The drought has had a horrible impact on the TAMWORTH community, but more so the regional towns in our area. My own family is going into its third year without a crop,  I live in a town where we have to buy in water if we want a swimming pool to be full or our garden to stay alive- these watering stations are now being blockaded by surrounding towns to stop this. It’s only a matter of time before my cooling system in the house- evaporative has to be shut down in level six water restrictions- which aren’t even included on our local government website. 
Business has certainly been slow over the 2018-19 period however going online and more importantly being business ready in budgeting was important. However nothing compares to the amount of gratitude I have for the girls that started the #buyfromthebush campaign. My year went from average to extraordinary. Those girls saved my business. We did 468 sales online, our local community made a point of buying local as well, I employed two extra staff members and now, have my 7th year ahead of me.
 It has to rain, it always does. I’ve already donated most of my profits to various organisations in my community to help- most importantly being for bushfire relief, local schools and of course the drought relief. As I see it the campaign gave my business money and I only see it right that I pass it on. My credit card is debt free for the first time in three years. As a single Mum it’s been a tough time but this is life and Khama will only reward my business if I reward my community that supports me all year round, before, during and after this horrendous drought. 
This has been an epic essay for you to read, I’m sorry for that but I am also so grateful for everything that happened.
Happy new year
Sar x