The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Organic Black Olive Fusilli 350g
Ogilvie & Co. Traditional
Ogilvie & Co Pasta Range is focused on offering you apremium quality product, made with attention to detail in the traditional way.With 100% Australian organic durum wheat and purified water,our pasta is extruded through bronze dies and slowly air dried to achieve arustic quality which marries with your chosen sauce perfectly. Certifiedorganic and made with no chemicals or preservatives, our artisan range willhelp you create restaurant quality dishes at home within minutes. The spiralled shape of fusilli lendsitself well to robust, full flavours. Perfect with our Sensational Pasta Sauce with Porcini Mushrooms, the black olives used in this Ogilvie & Co Organic Black Olive Fusilli will also pairwonderfully with spicy options such as puttanesca.