The Magic Pudding Tamworth
Made by Real Turkish Delight Australia

Ingredients - Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Wheat Starch, Acid (330, 336), Colour (120) Flavour, contains 5% Icing Sugar. CONTAINS GLUTEN, MAY CONTAIN TREE NUTS - Natural Colours, Natural Flavours

The Real Turkish Delight Confectionery was a family business established back in 1974 by Bahattin Peztukun. When he immigrated with his wife and children he bought from Turkey, the art of making Authentic Turkish Delight and a variety of other confectionery products, like hand made chocolates, boiled lollies and continental biscuits.

After he passed, the company Bahattin built and loved was carried on by his sons, Bulent and Ediz until sold in 2017 to Harding's Fine Confectioneries.

The Harding Family have proudly carried on with the traditional cooking methods and procedures and still continue to produce the same loved and popular sweet treat in various flavours.

Hardings Fine Confectioneries, owned by Trevor and Suzzanne Harding was established in 2017. However Trevor and Suzzanne, along with their sons Trevor Jnr and Daniel, have owned businesses in the manufacturing industry for 32 years prior.