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Bacco's drew on thier philosophy of wholesome pure food, they created their range of Bacco's Cookies.

Bacco's Cookies are a premium range of cookies with an Italian twist whose individual combination of flavours recall the memory of home make baking.

Using Australian Organic flour, Bacco's make all thier cookies with local fresh eggs and real butter, flavourings them with a variety ingredients.

The Bacco's Cookies selection of flavours will bring joy to every palate. Have a sweet break or enjoy a coffee or tea with this delicacy/ Lovely with a sweet wine or liquer, a true indulgence Italian style.

Bacco's Cookies are made with the focus on premium quality, good shelf life, stability and flavour using all natural ingredients, no colouring or preservatives.

Flavour: Dark Chocolate and Roasted Almond with Orange Zest.

Size: 160G

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